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Understanding Bookkeeping and Records

Are you new to business or or not trained in basic bookkeeping skills, record keeping? Many business owners fail to meet best-practice guidelines and so are running their business blindly. With the ATO’s strict guidelines around record keeping, it’s important to understand how to be compliant.

This workshop is suitable for anyone new to business or anyone already in business but wanting to gain a better understanding on best practice record keeping.

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Past Events

Introduction to Buying a Franchise

Are you considering purchasing a franchise? It’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages associated with this business model. Buying a franchise is a major decision, and can have a huge financial and personal impact on your life.

This workshop will take you through “What to Expect” when purchasing a Franchise and will provide you with important research tips to help you assist when looking for a franchise opportunity.

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Understanding Cash Flow, Profits and Budgets

Do you sometimes wonder why your profit and loss statement shows a profit, yet you still struggle to pay bills, tax and wages?

In this workshop, we’ll help you understand the difference between cash flow and profit, as well as knowing how to budget and read essential reports.

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Job Costings, Margins & Mark-ups

Are you a small business owner struggling to understand how much you need to sell to make a profit, or not sure how to work out your businesses’ Break Even Point?

This small business workshop will help business owners gain a better understanding of job costings, margins & mark-ups.

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Introduction to Bookkeeping Systems & Record-keeping

Learn what are the basic bookkeeping and record-keeping requirements all business owners should know.

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Introduction to GST & BAS Reporting

Learn how to complete a Business Activity Statement, get the In’s & Out’s of GST, and gain a better understanding on Australian Taxation Office reporting obligations.

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