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Our number one goal here at Bookwiz is to reduce the stress of hospitality business owners. We know it’s a tiring industry, you’re always working long hours and are probably on your feet all day. The day-to-day chaos means you’re trying to juggle staff, stock and customers, and the pressure just adds up! We get it.

We know hospitality

Working with Bookwiz means you’re working with a team of qualified bookkeepers and business advisors. We specialise in helping the hospitality sector and having worked with plenty of restaurants, pubs and cafes before, we understand the rollercoaster of ups and downs it can bring.

Martine and the team can take the time and the trouble out of managing your finances. We’ll take care of your payroll management, bookkeeping, financial reporting and analysis and POS integrations. On top of that, we’re also specialists with TANDA so you can track time and attendance and integrate that to your payroll system so you stay compliant with payroll requirements.

Grow your hospitality business

Since we started in 2000, Bookwiz has worked with hundreds of hospitality businesses. We don’t just help with bookkeeping and payroll compliance, we actually help you move your business forward. You don’t just want to run a business that treads water or does OK, you want a smooth-running successful business, right? That’s where we can help.

We’ve seen firsthand just how challenging it can be to run a hospitality business. It often raises a heap of questions for business owners and it can be hard to find the answers when you’re doing it on your own. We’ll help you monitor and reduce your costs, implement standardised procedures to so your business runs seamlessly, and manage your wages. We’re also passionate about empowering our clients, so they understand what’s going on in their business and what they can do about it.

If you’ve got choices to make like hiring staff, increasing your product range or opening another shop, we can help you make the best decision. We give you the financial information, insights and support you need to make your business grow.

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