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When: 5 March 2020, Thursday from 09:30-13:30

Where: Bookwiz Bookkeeping, 12 Old Collier Road, Perth, Western Australia 6062

Event Description

If you are new to business, or not trained in basic bookkeeping skills, record keeping can be overwhelming.

Many business owners fail to meet best-practice guidelines and so are running their business blindly. With the ATO’s strict guidelines around record keeping, it’s important to understand how to be compliant.

With proper bookkeeping systems you will be able to generate essential business reports to help you make better financial decisions and provide greater clarity as to how your business is tracking.

This workshop covers:

  • ATO record keeping requirements
  • How to record business transactions
  • An overview of the profit and loss and balance sheet reports
  • A review of the different types of accounting software available
  • Options for document storage including electronic options and apps
  • Tips to set up a productive office/admin area

This workshop is suitable for anyone new to business or anyone already in business but wants to gain a better understanding of best practice record keeping.

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