Why a New-Year Reset is So Important

Have you carved out some down-time over the break? I make a point of taking a step back over the festive period to allow myself time to re-calibrate.

When I head back into the office, I whip out the business plan with fresh eyes, and run through a high level health-check of key areas of my business, including:

➡ objectives and strategic direction

➡ my team

➡ my systems and processes

➡ my ‘why’

➡ my vision, mission and values

➡ my marketing activity and channels, including digital profile

➡ my ideal client profile

➡ my niche


➡ my pricing strategy and service offering

➡ and of course the critical numbers and financials

I try to avoid getting too distracted by the nitty gritty, and start with the basics. A good old ‘traffic light’ system works wonders for a first pass.

🔴 What’s not working and needs to be left behind?

🟠 What needs to be reviewed and potentially reset?

🟢 What’s working and is ready to be super-charged?

From there I pull together an action plan, ensuring that anything that hasn’t worked is left in the past, anything questionable is audited and reset, and any winners are surfaced and given the opportunity to thrive.

This simple process is a great way to re-calibrate at the start of the year and make sure that you and your business continue to grow and evolve.

What Review & Reset routines do you have in place in your business?

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