Top Tips for Bookkeepers to help reduce EOFY Stress & Burnout!

EOFY is traditionally a highly stressful time for Bookkeepers.  Many are working nights, weekends and giving up valuable family time to ensure their clients obligations are met. Based on the countless posts on forums I’m seeing at the moment, many bookkeepers are being pushed to their limits.  And, with the additional stress of lockdowns and extra work due to Covid19, it is going to be a tough few weeks ahead!

I have put together a few tips that will hopefully help you get through the coming weeks.

It’s OK to say NO to unreasonable client requests!

We have all had those clients, the ones that want something “right now”, and don’t want to wait.  However, sometimes these demands can be unreasonable.  I have found the best approach is to respond in a professional manner (always), with something like;

“Dear Client,

We have added your request into our workflow.  As it is EOFY, we do have to prioritise compliance deadlines for our many clients, but rest assured we will action your request as soon as possible.  Thanks so much for your understanding!”

Endless phone calls and emails!

We all know the phone rings hot, and the emails can be relentless at this time of year, which can have a huge impact on ones ability to maintain good workflow.  To allow yourself to have some uninterrupted periods of worktime, take advantage of:

  • Your “out of office” reply email function, with a message stating that you are attending to EOFY deadlines, and you are checking and responding to emails each morning, and again each afternoon.
  • Your Voicemail service, update your voicemail to advise your clients that you are attending to EOFY  deadlines, and you are checking your messages each morning and afternoon and will respond as soon as possible.

Of course, you can still screen for anything urgent, but you are taking the pressure off yourself by not having to respond to low priority calls and emails.

Be methodical!

If you are not using an automated workflow system, create your own checklist.  List out all of your EOFY tasks in order of priority and due dates.  Then, methodically start and the top and work your way down.  Tick off the completed tasks as you go as it will give you that feeling of achievement which can be extremely motivating!

Schedule a daily “Time Out”

Time out is important.  Schedule a “time out” into your calendar each day, even if it is simply taking a proper lunch break (do Bookkeepers ever take a lunch break??).  It will give you time to recharge, clear your head, give you time to fuel up and hydrate properly….. all of which will help you work more productively.  If you don’t take a time out each day, you will end up with brain fog and lack of concentration, and, that leads to reduced productivity!

Book yourself in for a Reward!

Give yourself something to look forward to at the end of it all.  This could be a weekend away with friends and family (or….completely by yourself!), a trip to the Day Spa.  Anything at all that is something you can get excited about and to reward you for all your efforts and hard work.

Finally, if you are not coping….

This is the most important tip of all…..

If you feel you are not coping:

  • reach out to others in the industry, we understand
  • communicate with your friends and family so they know
  • don’t be afraid to ask for help…..even if it’s to get someone to come and do your laundry or feed the kids!

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